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Empirical Diploma thesis on “Financial Crises in Central and Eastern Europe” (finished in March 2007) at the University of Mannheim. (German)

The work was presented in March 2007 at a seminar in Bundesbank, Frankfurt and in January 2007  in a seminar at the University of Osnabrueck. Here you can find the link to the presentation at Bundesbank.

Interestingly the empirical work with data up to 2005 showed already which CEE economies are on unsustainable credit boom cycles and most prone to a rather typical 3rd generation financial crises. Unfortunately this economies turn out to be most badly hit by the worldwide financial crises.

"Survey on Bank Lending and Financial Crises"

This paper was written for the Economic Development Ph.D. course of Prof. Lal, University of California Los Angeles. (Spring 2006)

"Different Opinions on the reorganization of the West-German Economy after World War II" (German)

This paper was written for the undergraduate Economic Histroy course of Prof. Buchheim, University of Mannheim. (Winter 2003/04) Associated table of contents (German)



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